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How a Broken Promise Became My Beacon

The Promise

The other day I was in the shopping centre and much to my dismay and delight,

I came upon a bookstore.

Now you have to understand... I do not NEED anymore books.

You see, I have what some may call a book fetish, or a book problem.

Personally, I prefer to call myself a "Collector of Books", or a "Book Taster"

but regardless of what we call it, it has led to some issues and therefore a promise.

Obviously, I adore reading, but my problem is that I buy books much, much faster than

I can possibly read them.

This issue has resulted in me having a good-sized box of amazing books

that are waiting to be read.

And so, somewhat recently, I made myself a promise.

I pledged that I would not purchase or bring any other books into my house until I had finished reading all of the beautiful books that were already in that box.

Sounds like a reasonable plan, right?

The Beacon

Anyways, there I was in the shopping centre outside of the bookstore,

wavering over whether or not I should actually go in,

when I made the decision to just pop my head in and have a quick look

to see what new titles there were that I could look forward to reading, one day in the future.

You know, just a quick scan of the tables

just to see what was new.

So I scannned one side of the table... nothing new and exciting there.

I walked around to the other side of the table... scanned across...

But wait! My eye darted back to something that seemed to catch the corner of my eye.

Okay, okay. I know. I should have walked away, right?

I know it. I knew it then, too, of course.

But who knows why these things happen?

Some higher force making everything come into alignment?

Let me tell you, this book title just drew me in like a magnet.

Like a BEACON, it called to me.

I picked it up and just held on to it, staring at it.

"The Book of Longings," I read.

As much as I was holding on to the book,

the book was clutching me.

And in that moment, that spellbinding magical moment,

my promise came undone.

Beacons, broken promises, and the alignment with higher callings

I started reading the book in the car wash on the way home,

so great was its pull.

By the time I got home, it was clear to me why I was meant to have this book.

The theme of the book, through the main character, completely aligned with my life's purpose and why I started Soul HeART's Embrace - S.H.E.

The book is about a young Jewish woman, living about 2000 years ago,

bravely defying and confronting societal norms and limiting beliefs that dictate

what a woman can and cannot do with herself in any given situation.

She is an incredibly strong character driven by the desire to live authentically,

be true to herself, live in rebellious self-love, and most centrally,

to freely exercise the use and power of her voice.

My purpose for Soul HeART's Embrace is to guide women to a place of

Rebellious Radiant Self-Love and Wellness

so that they can live their lives authentically from a fully aligned place of wholeness.

How magical, then, that this book,

just happened to fall across my path!

Connecting with this book may have broken my promise,

but it was also the beacon that allowed me

to birth the beautiful idea of sharing it with other women

in the form of an intuitive art journalling book club,

a Book Club with an intuitive and artistic twist

where you explore books like you never have before!

If you want to learn more about this unique experience and join me on this thrilling journey to unearth the depths of the current book's themes that will connect you on a deeper, more intimate level, both to the book and to yourself, click here.

Also, below, you can watch me talk about this same story on facebook

where I shared it LIVE on Tiffany's Tidbits.

I'm so happy that I've developed the ability to hear and listen to my intuition through my art and creativity, or I might never have listened to it, picked up this beautiful book, and been inspired to create this amazing book club opportunity!

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