Art is an expression of healing and recovery which leads to connection, both to others and ourselves.
Art opens the doorway to the journey of remembering.


Designed For More
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Are you done with feeling stuck? Trapped by the judgements and beliefs of the people that surround you? Boxed in by the rules and expectations of the systems you live or work in?

If you answered yes,
then we're
cut from the same cloth.

Are you willing to dig deep and try new ways to explore your inner terrain?

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Love is what shows us life in different colours. Art is what expresses that love.
tiffany gibson, founder of S.H.E.


Official Launch | Live Facebook Event
Girls of Gumption

a Female Empowerment Collection by Tiffany Gibson, Founder of S.H.E.
It's time to meet the girls of gumption.

I am an intuitive artist who creates vibrant, colourful, and spirited mixed media paintings designed to empower and inspire women to reconnect with their innermost truths.

Let me show you the healing power of art.



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