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Rebellious Radiant Self-Love & Wholeness

through intuitive art & creativity
with Tiffany Gibson

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to my vibrant colourful world of intuitive creativity


I am so very glad you found your way here…


Here, in this place where I cannot wait

to use intuitive art and creativity to help YOU ,and other women like you, 

who feel stuck, stagnant, empty, or lost

to uncover and consistently practice

rebellious radiant self-love and wholeness


So that you can stand in your own power and go after your deepest desires 

without apology.


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I am an intuitive artist who creates vibrant, colourful, and energetic mixed media paintings.

I also use intuitive art and creativity to help women to find their Gumption...

so that they can embrace

their innermost desires and

go after their most authentic lives

from a place of

rebellious radiant self-love and wholeness.


Let me show you

the healing power of art.


Women and girls
need to see and hear
women and girls...

standing in their own power
owning who they are...

without apology.


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