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What is Intuitive creativity and why do I create in this style?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I am so glad you asked.

It can definitely be hard to wrap your head around the whole concept of intuitive creativity.

But once you do, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with it!

Intuitive creativity is definitely different from more traditional forms of art making. It is designed to be used by anyone, but, that being said, it is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a deep and profound process designed to open you up to explore your innermost landscape, both the beautiful things shining in pure loving light and the things crawling around in the darkness of your personal abyss.

But now I’ve gone and scared you.

Let’s approach this differently…I think the best way to explain it is to share my own experience with it.

So here we go…

I use intuitive creativity because this process allows my finished work to carry medicine and messages of healing for myself, other people, and the whole living matrix at large.

Initially, when I engaged in this process, it allowed me to reclaim the fundamental core of my identity… the one that had become lost to me over the years and had disappeared under layers of trauma… the one that naturally danced with the soul of my creative spirit, and was deeply rooted in love.

But what I also discovered along the way, was that my creations were not only healing for me, but for my viewers as well.

Let me explain.

When I create my paintings, mixed media creations, and my art journals,

generally speaking, I don’t have a plan. I intuitively choose colours and apply paint in a way that I’m inspired to in the moment. The ideas, colours, and images fire up within my

soulheart space and then they travel through my arms and out my brush, pen, or fingertips to appear on the canvas or page.

What appears there is inherently intuitive. The whole process moves through me like a wave of divine inspiration, and every time I create, it changes me… expands me by taking me on a journey through my own emotional landscape.

The final image always surprises me. It is very much like a large oracle card in which the images contain insights into and messages about my own life journey;

basically soul wisdom for healing or transforming some aspect of my life.

In other words, the whole intuitive creativity process from blank canvas to finished image provides me with healing, wisdom, insight, and ultimately transformation and empowerment.

Isn’t that incredible?!

So not only do I, as an artist, get to have fun playing with colour and image and design, but I also get to understand myself better and become a better and more actualized person as I create.

It gets even better though… because it doesn’t end there.

The finished image which is now infused with the magic of the process, then carries the medicine of this process out into the world wherever it is needed.

So, when others view the finished piece, they will also benefit from the artwork’s wisdom and medicine. And some people will feel such a profound reaction to the piece that they will feel compelled to continue to experience the medicine it offers for themselves.

And I think that is why, when I create, (using the intuitive creativity process)

it feels sacred,

like it is growing out of a place of higher love and universal feminine wisdom.

The paintings are my contribution,

my intention,

to create healing, inspire growth, and develop deeply rooted love in myself, others, and the world at large.

And that, my beautiful sisters, is my personal experience of what intuitive creativity is.


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Nat La Pirate
Nat La Pirate
Feb 11, 2022

Love this. Colouring is my meditative go to! Totally signed up for you Designed For More launch!



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