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A Word About Rebellious Radiant Self-Love and Wellness

Rebellious Radiant Self-Love and Wellness

Rebellious. Radiant. Self-Love, and Wellness.

Say it again... but this time say the words aloud.

Did you notice the resonant power

that reverberated from those words as they left your lips?

Rebellious radiant self-love and wellness.

Powerful stuff.

But why?

Why is it powerful?

Why is there a resonance of power that emanates from these spoken words?

Why is self-love and wellness radiant and powerful stuff?

Let's start by breaking it down.

To begin with, self-love and wellness is, by and large,

a natural and instinctive state that most of us begin our lives with.

And when we are in this state,

when we truly love ourselves and cherish who we are,

light beams out from us...

a beautiful sparkling energy

that radiates outwards and embraces all whom we meet along our paths.

And in addition to this light and energy,

this radiance allows us to step into our true power so we can

meet the trials and tribulations that the world, inevitably, puts on our path.

We are able to handle these challenges

because we are grounded in the safety of love and belonging,

and as such, we are able to be more mindful of the choices we make

and the ability to reflect and learn from these choices.

We are calmer because we trust in our abilities,

and we are stronger because we are able to show our vulnerabilities

and therefore, we are able to ask for help with ease and appreciation.

And finally, we are able to selflessly love others: other people, animals, and all of the other things in this beautiful world of ours.

We, literally, SHINE!!

We are RADIANT!!

And how beautiful is that?!!

Why is Radiant Self-Love a rebellious ritual?

Good question. Why is it, in fact, a rebellious ritual?

The answer is deeply rooted in the social paradigm

within which we have been raised for generations.

From the moment we take our first breaths on this planet,

we are bombarded with messages from

our parents, extended families, peer groups,

advertisements, literature, and social media....

messages that tell us

how to fix ourselves,

how to change our bodies,

how to behave,

what is right and wrong,

how to move.....

and the list goes on.

In other words,

these messages are telling us

that the natural glorious state of our creation is NOT okay....

that we, as women, are just NOT good enough

because we fail to meet the current standards of today's social establishment.

As women,

these messages also teach us to

constantly compare ourselves to others to see how we measure up.

In particular, as women,

we are told on a daily basis that our bodies are not good enough.

We are constantly reminded

that we need to be getting our bodies beach-ready,

that our thighs should not touch,

that we should have big boobs but flat stomachs,

and how we should or should not dress.

And because the messages are woven into our everyday language

and subtly, and not so subtly,

reinforced in our advertising,

and our upbringing,

and the things we consume like magazines and music,

it becomes an insidious reality that we are often not even aware is happening.

But the results of the messages are everywhere. the shame women feel as they

apologize for their big bellies,

and wear big sweaters to hide their shape,

as if it's not perfectly normal to have a uterus bulge,

or cellulite, or the beautiful body they were born with.

...and in the rampant illnesses of our time...

unexplained aches and pains,

autoimmune disorders,


eating disorders,

and clinical anxiety and depression,

to name a few.

And so, to circle back round to the question,

"why is radiant self-love a rebellious act?"...

We must realize that to love ourselves

in a society that tells us we are

broken, crooked, damaged, not enough,

and just plain WRONG,

that to love ourselves is a COURAGEOUS ACT OF BRAVERY AND REBELLION!

In a social paradigm that thrives on our individual self-hatred,

boldly embracing ourselves in the radiant ritual of self-love,

is, without doubt,


When we love ourselves,

we are rebelling against

what the messages are telling us.

We are standing up

and embracing our divine beauty

just as we were created

and, in doing so,

we are holding up a gigantic middle finger to society at large.

So I will say it again, dear sisters, (and again and again)

like a mantra or a prayer for us to utter repeatedly on the daily:

"I actively engage in the sacred ritual of

Rebellious Radiant Self-Love.

I love myself.

I will be myself.

Because I am radiant in all my natural beauty.

I am... a Radiant Self-Love Rebel."

Believe it. Become it. Be it....




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