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designed for more

Through the power of your own creativity…
Get ready to embark on a transformational journey of self-exploration.
Art is a wound turned into light.
Georges Braque

Can't Find Your Gumption?

Not even sure what it is?

Grief, sadness, feelings of emptiness...  that nagging feeling that there just has to be more to life...  We all know those feelings.  What if I told you that you could seek happiness, joy, love, & freedom, through
the Power of Art?

designed for more

A mentorship program unlike any other that will teach you how to:

Tap into your inner wisdom to shed light on your most pressing areas of concern

Develop powerful intentions… so that you can create your own crystal clear path to the life of your dreams!

Open the gateway to your creative purpose and your innermost desires

Deeply root into your body and connect with your higher self

Create and execute an exciting action plan to embody newfound knowledge

Experience more self-love, courage, confidence, and connection

Release all pre-conditioned thoughts

That is

designed for more

ready to shed your limitations?
To dig deep & explore your
inner terrain?

It’s time to live your most joyful, fulfilled and purposeful life!

Get excited! You are on the cusp of something new and amazing! And things are about to change... for the best!

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Meet Tiffany

She…. is Tiffany

and, that’s me! … (an intuitive artist, an intuitive transformation mentor, the founder of Soul HeART’s Embrace (aka SHE), a Holy Fire Reiki Master energy healer, a motivational speaker, and an educator of 29 years. )


And I’m here because I love to create…..


No surprise there!


But the real mission behind my creative pursuits,

the thing that fuels my spark and keeps me jumping out of bed every morning, is my desire to embrace the hearts of women…

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