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Presenting Zowie; Grounded, Compelling, and Embodied

Zowie is the person, the Girl of Gumption, we all secretly desire to be... or to be with...

She draws us in with her riveting life force energy like a magnet to her soul.

She is "grounded, compelling, and embodied,"

an enticing mixture that makes her irresistible to us

as we all scramble to be near her and bask in her intoxicating glow.

Zowie is Grounded

Zowie is grounded;

her energy is anchored into the present moment.

This rootedness amplifies her capacity to remained focussed in the now

and resolute in what she desires to achieve in that moment.

She tackles activities, tasks, conversations, and emotions with an unwavering connectedness as if that one thing is the most important priority of all...

because, for her, in that moment...

it is.

She makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room

and your request, issue, or problem is the most pressing concern of all.

It's magnetizing

because, as you well know,

it's human nature to enjoy feeling loved and cared about.

Zowie is Compelling

She radiates life force energy at a cellular level

that grabs the attention of those around her.

Encircled by her bright orange snake

whose head is resting on the crown of her own head,

Zowie is embraced by her own creative primal energy

which both protects her from others and draws them in towards her.

Because she is at one with her raw primal self,

she radiates peace and ease with herself, along with enthusiasm, passion,

and curiosity to learn and experience all that life has to offer.

And all of these qualities are compelling and irresistible to others.

I mean,

who doesn't want to be in the presence of someone who is, all at once,

at ease, passionate, and eager to devour all what every moment has to offer?!

Zowie is Embodied

Zowie takes spirited action in every moment to be who she truly is.

Her choices are a reflection of her authenticity,

and the sum of all her actions shows the meaning of her soul.

Her identity is not just a concept in her mind, but rather

a full-bodied understanding of who she is at a cellular and spiritual level.

And this understanding allows her to have an embodied connection

to her emotions and sensations, to her grounded focus, and to her life force energy.

She is fully accepting and loving of who she is,

fully aligned throughout her bodies,

and fully aware of and engaged with each and every moment.

Zowie's message for you

Zowie says,

"Live who you are!"

She wants you to know that

it's much easier to live an embodied life

than to pretend you are the person society has indoctrinated you to be

or who others say you SHOULD be.

Living an embodied life is what gives you so much life force energy

which is what makes you compelling to others.

You get more opportunities that open up for you, have a much more fun social life,

have a higher level of health and wellness, and live from a sensation of wholeness.

It's the best remedy one could ask for...

It's free and there are no adverse side effects!

"So go on," Zowie says,

"Step into the embodied life

and live who you are every moment of everyday."




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