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And now, officially presenting... "the girls of gumption"!

Who are "the girls of gumption"?

I’d like to introduce you to …“The Girls of Gumption”…

A beautiful collection of STRONG, AUTHENTIC, LIFE-LOVING females

designed to remind all the beautiful

sisters of the world of

who they truly are.

"The Girls of Gumption" were actually designed

with YOU in mind…

To mirror the sparkling energy of who YOU truly are.

To awaken you to your TRUTH

so you can shine your beautiful light of authenticity

out into the world.

An authenticity that allows you to live a life defined from



EXPRESSING YOUR LOVE wherever you go.

A TRUTH that allows you to live from an empowered space

A space of grit,

A space of spunk, and

A space of GUMPTION.

your inner "girl of gumption"

It is time to embrace your own inner “Girl of Gumption.”

The one that knows the truth of who you really are

And loves you without question.

She is there to remind you that IT TAKES REAL GUMPTION

to rise fiercely in the glow of your own RADIANCE,

to stand GROUNDED and resolute in your own beliefs,

and to take action that stems from

being connected to your own intuition

from a space of humility, compassion, and kindness.

That it’s okay

to embrace your own unique quirkiness and eccentricities…

and to live in full colour and

take time out to delight in the whimsical parts of life.

Your inner "Girl of Gumption" knows you have your own dreams to fulfill,

your own desires to manifest,

and your own principles to help you create your own most magnificent life!

Your inner "Girl of Gumption" knows how important it is that you love yourself first

and that then, and ONLY then,

can you begin to bring in the healing and nurturing that our universe is calling out for.

"The Girls of Gumption"

know just what is needed to bestow this healing upon you and the world.

They know the medicine needed

to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND BALANCE the sacred feminine.

They know the elixir for all sisters to feel truly ALIVE!

"The Girls of Gumption" will always believe in you

and everything you are capable of.

They will always love you without condition,

and they will always give you the fortitude

to create your own most PURPOSEFUL, MARVELOUS, AND MAGICAL life...

...And all with gusto, grace, and GUMPTION!

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