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Presenting Brianna: Vitality, Strength, and Empowerment.

Beautiful Brianna: A Girl of Vitality, Strength, and Empowerment

It is time for you to meet Brianna,

the soul medicine of vitality, strength, and empowerment.

Brianna is a TRUE Girl of Gumption, grounded in her femininity and

living life on her OWN terms.

With her neck tattoo and her dramatic make-up,

complete with bold red lipstick and vibrant turquoise eyes,

you can literally feel the life force energy emanating from within her.

She is a woman who knows how to stand tall in her own power!

She fuels herself on the knowledge

that the actions she takes based on the choices she makes

are what fuels her sacred life force energy

and, in turn, this energy is what drives her to pursue her dreams.

Brianna's vitality is strong and vibrant

because she is ever mindful of the types of life choices she makes,

as well as, the thoughts she allows to linger in her mind.

For she knows that things like worry, regret, work overwhelm, and blame

are all thoughts that work to deplete her life force.

Thus, when she is visited by these things,

she refocusses her attention to more positive endeavours like

gratitude and appreciation for all the good things in her life.

She fills her mind with the images of things she loves

like her friends, her garden, and her physical health and fitness.

Brianna knows love is the answer

She knows that love is the answer to keeping her energy fuelled

and her vitality at optimal levels.

If she lives from a place of love...

love for herself through compassion and self-care, love for others through acts of kindness, and love for the passions, activities, and dreams that she pursues ....,

then her vitality will be full to the brim!

And when her vitality is thoroughly charged,

then and only then, can she live life fully and on her own terms.

Consequently, Brianna walks through life with purpose

and a bounce in her step, ponytail swinging.

When she enters a room, she unwittingly commands attention with her presence,

simply because others can see the energy that swirls around her.

In fact, they can feel the magnetic pulse of her life force energy.

Brianna 's vitality makes her feel empowered to take strong actions towards creating a happy purposeful life

Those who know Brianna can testify to her deep stores of strength and empowerment.

They claim:

  • She has unwavering belief in herself.

  • She does not compare herself to others, but rather she seeks to build others up.

  • She faces challenges head on and stands up for herself.

  • She nourishes her relationships.

  • She prioritizes her fitness and overall wellness of her body.

  • She trusts her intuition.

  • And she acts on decisions in order to create the life she desires.

She is a testament to Girls of Gumption everywhere!

And as was stated earlier,

Brianna is the soul medicine of vitality, strength, and empowerment.

And she wants you to find yours, too.

Her message for you

Her message for you is this:

Vitality is what happens

when you ignite your inner spark on the flames of your passions.

So, go forth, and feed that sacred life force energy by...

  • Standing your ground.

  • Embracing your femininity.

  • Surrounding yourself with empowered women.

  • Moving your body in activities you love.

  • Honouring what your soul urges you to do.

And creating the life you want

by making and acting on one purposeful choice at a time!

..."In other words", says Brianna,




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