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Meet Citrinia; Radiance, Passion, and Authenticity

My personal favourite Girl of Gumption: Citrinia; Radiance, passion, and Authenticity

And NOW.... I am so excited to unleash into the world,

my personal favourite Girl of Gumption,

Citrinia; Radiance, Passion, and Authenticity!!!!!

People often ask me which Girl of Gumption I relate to the most.

I am often hesitant to answer as I believe each girl is a piece of me that I have either experienced in the past, am currently experiencing, or aspire to be in a future moment.

But Citrinia is a little bit different.

She IS me.

She is what is at the core of my being, my soul heart space.

She is my true self, unconditioned.

When I am connected to her, it means I am FULLY ALIGNED

in my heart, body, mind, and spirit.

And when this alignment is in place, it means that

my soul is expressing itself in its full joy and glory,

and I am living my life with UNABASHED PASSION and CREATIVE COURAGE.

She is my hippy heart and my gypsy soul,

being who and what I want

without even a flickering glance at those who would judge and pressure me

to conform to some standard expectation.

Citrinia's message to the world

So what is the message Citrinia conveys out into the world?

"It's time to take your life back!"

No more feeling tired and confined, or depleted and dispirited.

No more just going through the motions and doing what you think you are "supposed to do".

She wants to remind you of WHO YOU ARE,

Your true authentic self.

She wants you to open up and allow yourself to listen to your inner voice,

the voice that knows exactly

what your desires are, and where your passions lie.

She wants you to remember your values and start living your life by them!

She wants you to

Trust yourself.

Trust your inner voice.

Trust that you know what's best for you always.

Who you are... what you do... what you believe in....

Allow them to come together... to align.

And then revel in that authenticity!!

Citrinia says that when you vibrate in your own authenticity,

you will follow your passions without inhibitions,

and you will reach heights you didn't know existed!

You will shine with such radiance

that others will be attracted to you to share in your vibrancy...

and you will pave the way for others to do the same!


"Dance like nobody's watching.

Love like you've never been hurt.

Sing like nobody's listening.

Live like it's Heaven on earth"

~Mark Twain~

"Without a doubt," Citrinia says.

"...without a doubt."

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