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Sameena; Sacred, Sovereign, and Self-Assured

Sameena; Sacred, Sovereign, and Self-Assured, A Muslim Girl of Gumption

Sameena is accompanied by her own mandala which is a symbol of her strength and empowerment.

Meet Sameena; Sacred, Sovereign, and Self-Assured, a Muslim Girl of Gumption,

who has faced the fire of racism and misogyny

and whose hijab has served as a symbol of strength and resilience amidst adversity.

Born from a lineage of incredible women who embraced their faith and culture,

Sameena walks with a sense of sovereignty and faces whatever comes her way

with grace and an unshakeable self-assurance that captivates everyone around her.

She has extraordinarily fierce intention, accountability, and action.

She sets clear intentions for her life by mapping out her path

and staying true to her values and purpose.

She is not afraid to hold herself accountable as she continually seeks growth

and challenges herself to be the best she can be.

Sameena's Sacred Mandala

Behind Sameena, a magnificent mandala blooms,

radiating intricate patterns and vibrant colours.

The mandala represents the interconnectedness of all things,

including the sacred unity of the body, mind, and spirit.

It is sacred and holds deep meaning for Sameena,

mirroring the essence of who she is,

and the life journey she chooses to embrace.

It also embodies the balance she seeks and the harmony

she continually cultivates within herself.

Just as the mandala is formed by intricate patterns coming together,

Sameena weaves the threads of her experiences, values, and beliefs

into a tapestry of empowerment.

She finds strength in embracing the unity of her identity,

both as a Muslim female and as an individual with unique dreams, aspirations, and purpose.

In Sameena's journey, the mandala becomes a guiding light,

inviting her to delve into its intricacies.

Through introspection and self-reflection, she finds presence, solace, and wisdom,

and the clarity to navigate any challenges life throws her way.

And just as the mandala expands outwards,

Sameena expands her horizons, embraces new perspectives,

and transcends the limitations that society tries to impose upon her.

It also serves as a reminder that she is the centre of her own universe,

a sovereign being with the power to create whatever life she chooses.

It symbolizes the wholeness she seeks to achieve

and encourages her to nurture every facet of her being,

including the practice of being present in her body.

Sameena knows that by being present in her body,

she can become more intuitively connected,

make decisions and take action with self-assurance,

and radiate positivity into the world around her.

In this way, she can follow her purpose and live the life of her dreams!

A Message from Sameena; Sacred, Sovereign, and Self-Assured

Sameena's message for all the beautiful sisters of the world is this:

YOU are a sovereign soul... sacred and self-assured.

Tune into the power of the mandala within you.

Follow its threads to rediscover your own deep desires and purpose,

and to design your own unique tapestry of empowerment.

You are the centre of your own universe, a sovereign being

with the ability to make your own choices and design the life of your dreams.

Trust in the harmony, balance, and intuitive clarity that reside within you,

guided by the light of your mandala's wisdom.

Let it illuminate your particular path of self-growth and expansion,

so you can be all that you are meant to be.

In other words, find your gumption, and go out and

Own it, Trust it, Claim it, and Be it

and live your life the way only a Girl of Gumption can!

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