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Jahmya: Girl of Gumption Series 2

Meet Jahmya: Girl of Gumption Series 2

Introducing the first Girl of Gumption from Series 2....

Jahmya; Balanced, Beloved, and Resolute.

When our gaze first lands on Jahmya, with her soulful eyes and soft masses of curls, surrounded by her roses, torch, scales, and bow and arrow, we observe all at once, such beautiful femininity combined with a feeling of unwavering determination.

Jahmya truly has a balanced sense of self

We see the determination because she has learned the true meaning of living a balanced life. She knows it has nothing to do with a work-life balance and everything to do with creating balance deep within her soul heart space.

She has reached a place where she is always connected to a deep well of inner peace which is there for her to access even in times of great chaos and unrest.

She trusts her decisions and her purpose, and she embraces the inevitability of change. She sets solid healthy boundaries and can dance and flow with the everchanging tides.

Jahmya is resolute

Jahmya is resolute in her purpose. She knows what she wants and goes after it without apology. She points her arrow directly at what she wants and then follows its flight straight to the heart of her purpose without allowing worry, fear, anxiety, or limiting beliefs to pull her off track. She trusts that her inner resources are enough because they, too, are growing and expanding with her needs.

And through her resolute and devotional trust in her Self and in her purpose, her light expands from her very core out in all directions to strengthen and warm the hearts of others.

Jahmya carries the torch of her inner light

She carries her torch, which she fuels with the flames of her inner light, and takes action to stand in her truth and illuminate the lives of those around her.

Moreover, she refuses to let the naysayers douse the flames of her torch. If anyone attempts to dim the flames with their judgements, criticisms, or other fearful behaviours, she simply pulls more light forth from her deepest core and stokes the fire to burn even more brightly... guiding the way for others and allowing them to spark the flames of their own lights from the flames of hers.

jahmya's message for you

So what does Jahmya want you to know?

Her message is simply this:

You are a beloved soul... so trust in yourself and resolutely follow your purpose.

She wants you to keep your torch lit with whatever sparks your flame. Perhaps it's dancing wildly with abandon to your favourite music, keeping a gratitude journal, developing a daily creative practice, hiking up to a beautiful view, or any other of a number of possible activities. If you make time to do the things you love, it not only ignites the flame of your torch, but it will keep it burning brightly shining upon you forever.

Jahmya also wants you to trust yourself as if it is a devotional practice. Practice trusting yourself with every choice you are faced with, visualize yourself actually acting on your self-trust, and make up self-trust affirmations to repeat to yourself daily. Eventually, it will become second nature, and you will begin to walk resolutely towards everything you want to achieve.

And lastly, Jahmya, Balanced, Beloved, and Resolute,

wants you to know that from this deeply ingrained sense of trust that you build from your devotional practice, you will, finally, know and feel your worth, and understand at long last, that YOU are truly BELOVED.

And that, most importantly, you always were.

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