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Meet Amala: Faith, Hope, and Love, Another Girl of Gumption

Amala lives by the most basic and ancient of tenets which serve as the cornerstones of what she believes is the foundation of our lives... Faith, Hope, and Love.

With her ebony tresses and huge blue eyes

that reflect her hopeful attitude and her encompassing love for all,

she exudes a gentle and almost sweet strength of faith, love, and hope.

A Faith, hope and love Girl of Gumption
Amala: Faith, Hope, and Love

Amala Didn't Always Live By Faith, Hope, and Love

However, there was a time when this was not the case and

Amala only did the things that others thought were best.

She took the "proper" jobs, engaged in the most "popular" hobbies,

and relied on other people to help her make important life decisions.

She believed that if she could just do everything exactly right,

then she would achieve happiness and love her life.

Instead, she discovered that

even though she had managed to do all the things that others expected of her,

she was not happy at all.

She felt rather empty and numb... and as if something were missing from her life.

What she discovered was that because she had only plugged into

what others thought was best,

she was, in fact, living the hopes and dreams of others

rather than living from the deep desires that nestled within her own heart.

She was living a life of what seemed like luxury from the outside,

but which was slowly destroying her from the inside.

It was at this point, Amala knew she had to take her hopes, dreams, desires,

and, ultimately, her life into her own hands.

And in that moment,

a new Girl of Gumption was born.

A New Girl of Gumption was Born

Nowadays, Amala has neverending faith in her hopes and dreams,

her aspirations, and her desire to keep working on herself in order to

continually transform and expand into better versions of herself.

Her faith is a "knowing" deep within herself that she is a

powerful, beautiful, and creative soul who can, without doubt,

achieve all that she desires in her life.

The ideas and inspiration that her imagination conjures

would not come to her if she were incapable of achieving them.

She knows, intuitively, that if she can think it, then she can make it so.

Amala Lives With Hope

Amala believes in living from a hopeful place.

In fact, she sees hope as an attitude;

an attitude that encompasses the idea that her desires are possible

and that she absolutely has the ability to achieve them.

Her hope drives her into inspired action to go after all she wants

whether it's a career path, a particular type of life partner,

a lifestyle, or an inner transformation.

Her attitude of hope is the framework within which

she creates her best and most purposeful life.

Amala has Faith in Herself

Amala has faith that all that she needs to live her most authentic life is within her.

She knows that for the answers she seeks, she must consult her heart

for, therein, lies her higher self and her most sacred of wisdom.

Her head may argue, whine, complain, question, and judge,

but her heart "knows" and quietly and unwaveringly communicates the truth.

She knows her wholeness and wellness are in her hands, and hers alone,

and that the key to these things is through the sacred wisdom of her heart.

And it is here, in her heart, in her personal truth and wisdom

that her hope is fuelled and her faith is released to spark the action she needs to take

in order to maintain the wholeness and authenticity she so desires.

Doing this, living in this way, puts her in the path of the most powerful force of all;

the force that drives all things in life;

the power that creates faith and hope, and allows authenticity and wellness to flourish.

And that is, of course, the power of Love.

Amala Knows Love is The Answer

Amala knows love is the answer to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

To her, love is threefold:

Love for herself, Love for others, and Love as empowerment,

the fuel of life itself.

Loving herself is why she has faith in herself and her ability to achieve her hopes and dreams.

It's what allows her to be who she truly is...

to act authentically, to make choices that are best for her,

and to make friends with people who fulfill her.

In turn, her self-love allows her to freely love others and to shine her light brightly

in order to reveal the beauty, truth, and love within others.

Amala's message for you, dear sister, is simple.

Be yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Have faith in your deepest desires and dreams.

Acquire an attitude of hope.

And live by the power and fuel of Love.

Beautiful words indeed.

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