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Doughnut Syndrome Part 2; Intuitive Creativity As The Way Out

What is The Way Out Of Doughnut Syndrome?

Well, my dear sisters, as with any type of healing, there is never just one answer or cure,

but rather, many pathways to get you there.

And they usually take you through before they lead you out,

which is a good thing, but it can also take great effort.

I will be sharing just one way today;

the way of intuitive creativity.

What Is "The Way Of Intuitive Creativity"

And How Does It Heal Doughnut Syndrome?

If you have been following me for any length of time,

you already know that intuitive creativity is a way of creating from what I call,

The Soul HeART Space,

and what you may know as

your intuition, your gut instinct, your sixth sense,

your higher self, the universe,

or for some of you, God, Creator, or Sacred Mother.

So, intuitive creativity plays out something like the following...

You pull out your art journal, canvas, poster paper or whatever you are going to create on,

and approach it with a question or intention.

Then you write, draw, paint, collage, and/or colour

on the paper in any way that calls to you.

In addition, you usually work with an Intuitive Creativity Guide or Mentor

who provides tips, helpful prompts, and feedback personal to you and your journey,

and who then holds space for you while you use your artwork

to explore the issues, feelings, and desires that show up

before, during, and after the process.

It is NOT a process designed for artists.

It is a process created for ANYONE who needs and seeks out help

to explore their emotions and circumstances.

Artistic talent and skill is completely irrelevant (and unnecessary)

for the success of the process.

The journey of the creating, the "doing" of the painting or collaging,

is what provides the help and takes you towards a place of wholeness.

So, if your particular ailment is Doughnut Syndrome,

then you would use the process to determine

why you feel empty,

what you think might be missing in your life,

the emotions underneath your emptiness,

the things you are passionate about,

and other things that might be uncovered by these explorations

that are personal to you and your situation.

All of this happens during the "creating" part of the process,

but there is also more to be done afterwards.

When you are finished each piece, together with your guide,

you get to examine each piece to discover any messages

that have shown up in your creation.

These messages, combined with the things that were discovered during the creative process, are then used to provide you with inspiration about what your action plan will be

to make the changes needed to bring back your missing piece

so that you can begin to feel whole again.

Why Does The Intuitive Creativity Process Work?

There are a whole lot of things at play during the process of intuitive creativity,

but the most crucial piece is that it allows for direct contact

with your inner self, your intuition, your Soul HeART Space.

For a long time, intuition was thought of as something silly, or made up,

a type of pseudoscience, or "woo woo' as the general public often called it.

Luckily, in recent years, science has finally caught up

due to more innovative practices and advanced technology

and many researchers have now, in fact, been able to show that intuition does exist.

It helps to understand what intuition is

in order for us to understand why the intuitive creativity process works.

Intuition is a process whereby a person uses cues from the environment,

and cues from the self to process information very quickly.

This happens because of the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind continuously processes information,

throughout both the day and night,

that our conscious mind is completely unaware of.

It stores and processes all of this information through images

as it is not able to communicate using language.

Since the subconscious does not use language,

and intuition is governed by the subconscious,

that is why intuition shows up as a feeling or a "knowing".

And that's also why most of us have a tendency to ignore it...

Because our conscious mind can't make sense of it when it analyzes it,

and therefore it tells us that there is no rational reason for this information to be true.

So now, circling back to intuitive creativity...

Since what we create is determined by our gut feelings about what to put on the paper next,

it is, in a nutshell, our subconscious communicating with us,

telling us what we have pushed down and ignored for so long.

The intuitive creativity process

moves the emotions around, bypasses unwanted negative thoughts and anxieties,

and creates space for new thoughts, ideas, and inspiration

to arise from your subconscious mind

and to show up in your artwork as images.

When we look at and examine the images and colours that appear in our artwork,

we see our deepest longings and buried emotions mirrored back to us

ready for us to synthesize into our lives at a conscious level.

When you are creating completely from your intuitive centre,

there will always be one or more messages in your creation

to be deciphered and used in your journey to wholeness.

So, the intuitive creativity process works

because your subconscious is aware of your inner needs, emotions, and desires,

and since it communicates in images,

when we create from a completely intuitive space,

it allows the subconscious mind to show us the things we need to know about ourselves

through the images that show up on our canvas, art journal, or paper.

And, really,





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