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Terra: The Protective, Thriving, and Unbound Girl of Gumption

Her eyes, like vibrant emeralds,

reflect the deep rich hues of the forest world she holds most dear.

She has an unwavering connection to the natural world and wherever she treads,

plants and vines flourish, weaving a tapestry of greenery around her.

Introducing Terra, The “Protective, Thriving, and Unbound” Girl of Gumption

Terra is Protective and Protected

Never alone amongst the thriving whispers of the leaves around her,

Terra feels protected by the ever-embracing respect and love of the forest she inhabits. There’s a kinship that exists between her and the growing life that surrounds her,

a mutual protectiveness to defend and care for each other

to ensure they each have the safety and freedom to grow and blossom

in just the way they were intended to.

Terra understands through her forest connections

that she must never turn away

from the strange beauty of something or someone new,

but rather, she must embrace and protect the endless diversity

cradled within Mother Earth’s tender caress.

Terra understands that through this reciprocal protection,

both her and the plants around her, will continually grow, expand, and thrive.

She knows it is a nurturing environment

designed to allow for ever-changing directions of growth and development;

one that stirs the creative fertile life force deep within her.

Terra is Thriving and Unbound

What this connection means for Terra is that she does not feel any fear about change,

for in this realm, change is an invitation…

she feels safe to be curious, to explore and experiment,

and to express different ways of being.

She can be quiet and introspective as the dappled sunlight one day,

and wild and unruly as the wind's playful whisper the next day

based on how she needs to authentically express herself at any given time,

knowing there will be no judgement or critically-based feedback about anything she does. She knows deep within her soul that this tender and supportive life force energy

will simply allow and empower her to just BE,

and therefore to thrive in boundless ways.

She is not stuck or trapped in one small space or limited to one restricted way of being.

She is not confined by a singular path or a predetermined fate.

Her spirit knows no shackles, no tethers.

She is completely unbound and free to be whoever she is

and to do all the things she most deeply desires.

And because she is protective, thriving, and unbound,

she feels a bountiful amount of joy and self-love, abundance and empowerment

to pursue the life of her dreams in a realm of infinite possibilities.

Whether that means milking cows in pastoral tranquility,

living as a defence lawyer in a fancy penthouse apartment in the city,

or travelling the globe building schools and water stations in third world countries,

she knows her dreams will take root and flourish.

Her life unfolds as everything in nature unfolds… just as it should.

Terra’s special message just for you is this:

Go outside and feel your feet rooted in the earth beneath you,

your face caressed by the warmth of the sun above you,

and your lungs filled with the life-giving air around you,

and KNOW that you are part of a vast, interconnected tapestry of life.

Let go of fear and self-doubt.

Just as the forest flourishes through storms and calms,

find strength in embracing all aspects of yourself.

Be wild when the winds of change blow, and find stillness when the world quiets its realm.

Remember, your dreams are the melodies that harmonize with the universe's song...

your passions are the notes that shape the melody of your life.

So go out there and make them all come true.

Live your best life.

And may you find solace in the simple act of being, whatever that looks like for you…

and know that you are never alone and always loved.

The whispers of the leaves, the caress of the wind...

they echo with the love and wisdom that connect us to all living things

now and forever.




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