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Makenna: Delight in the Whimsical

and Live in Full Colour

This vibrant girl enchants us with her bright colours of pink and orange,

and with her joyful cupcakes and bubblegum fun!

She expresses enjoyment and enthusiasm, and her heart pours forth with a light and playful energy.

There is a light-heartedness about her as if we have inadvertently caught her in a joyful moment...

a moment that has no purpose beyond frivolous fun and giggly joy.

After all, blowing bubbles with a yummy hunk of pink bubblegum really has no point

other than the pure delight of blowing the bubbles and laughing wholeheartedly as they pop and stick all over your face!

You can almost hear the muted sound of her delighted laughter as you gaze at this whimsical girl!

Makenna has a beautiful message for all her beautiful sisters.

She is here to remind us of the important role that play and whimsy have in our lives.

She tells us that when we play, we let go of the expectations of others and the stifling conventions of society.

In fact, when we engage in play, we don't allow room for any expectations at all.

We just intuitively take each step and allow things to unfurl and unfold as they will...

We get to be absolutely fun and ridiculously silly!...

and then we are rewarded with the most SPECTACULAR, ABSURD, and FANCIFUL results!

And really... is there actually anything more delightful than that?!

Makenna also wants us to know that when we approach life in this way, with this celebratory attitude,

it means that in every moment, it is possible to find an element of joy.

What a wonderful way to journey through life... finding the fun and celebrating each moment of everything we do everyday!

So Makenna says,

"Bring on the cupcakes! The flowers! The bubbles!

Adorn yourself with vibrant colours and fanciful patterns!

And dance to the beat of your authentic beautiful heart!

Let's delight in the whimsical and live in full colour!

What better way to shine your beautiful vibrant light wherever you go and whatever you do?!

You have only one life, one journey to make... so make it a dance so colourful and joyful, so silly and spontaneous, that everyone you meet will dance and celebrate with you and have ridiculous amounts of fun!"

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