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Free, Fierce, and Formidable

Kendra is our FIERCE Girl of Gumption.

With her piercing blue eyes and her strong jaw line

coupled with the fiercely passionate way she tackles life,

there is nothing meek or hesitant about this amazing female.

She is accompanied by hot air balloons, feathers, and a beautiful brightly coloured eagle,

all of which represent her fierceness, loyalty, intensity, honour, and freedom.

Kendra LOVES fiercely,  

shows LOYALTY fiercely,  

LIVES her life fiercely, 

And DEFENDS fiercely.

She doesn't do ANYTHING halfway.

Whatever she does or chooses, she is in it with EVERYTHING thing she's got.

That's why she experiences so much FREEDOM...

Because she gives everything her ALL

despite the risks, the possibility of mistakes, and the fact that she might lose or fail.

She protects her way of life, her character, and her freedoms

including her right to choose and be who she wants to be.

She also protects others like those whose rights are being violated

and those who need role models

to show strength of character and the ability to stand in their own power.

She soars with the eagles to demonstrate

the freedom of her body, mind, and soul

because she knows deep within her soulheart space

that this freedom is the one that trumps all others.

For without the complete autonomy over her physical body,

the freedom to use her intellect and imagination as she sees fit,

and the liberty to commit to spiritual growth

using the tools and practices that most clearly resonate with her soul,

she knows she could never live her life in the

authentic, fulfilling, and formidable ways that she currently experiences.

So, what can be learned from this fierce Girl of Gumption,

who presents as a Formidable Warrior and Queenly Protector of Freedoms?

Her answer to that is,

"Don't hold back.

Step up to every task and give it 100% of your focus and energy.

And stand up fiercely to anything that

tries to stop you or tell you, you can't.

Let the world know YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN SOUL."

A. Sovereign. Soul.

Dear sisters,

You cannot get much fiercer than that.

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