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Earthly, Expanding, and Untamed

With her long flowing hair and warm earthy colours, 

Everlee emits feelings of peace and serenity.

Behind her, radiating outwards in all directions, 

is an array of plant life in gentle pinks and greens that pulses brilliantly with vibrant life force energy.

She stands peacefully with her eyes closed 

breathing in the sweet intoxicating scent of a beautiful rose, 

as if she finds solace and rejuvenation in this simple act alone.

She looks as though she feels truly alive with the entire universe pulsing through her veins.

Untethered and expansive, 

she surrenders to the flow of these universal life force currents

as she recognizes her innate connection to nature's rhythms.

In honouring these and her own inner rhythms, Everlee celebrates the natural ebb and flow of life. 

She understands the delicate balance between effort and surrender, 

knowing when to exert herself and when to allow life to unfold organically. 

She understands that her needs, whether for rest and replenishment or for bold exploration, 

are met in harmony with her own unique rhythms. 

She gracefully releases unhealthy attachments to external structures, routines, and belief systems, 

finds liberation in her own self-discovery, and stands firmly in her own truth. 

She no longer seeks validation or guidance from others but trusts her inner wisdom and intuition. 

By freeing herself from the restrictions of societal expectations, 

she opens herself up to limitless personal growth and expansion.

Everlee stands firmly rooted in her being, grounded in her true essence with unwavering certainty. 

She is moved by an ancient and indomitable force that vibrates in every cell of her being. 

This force releases her spirit to roam free and entices her to embrace her inner primal self with wild abandon.  

She knows that her strength lies in her willingness to be true to herself 

and to follow her instincts to pursue her most desired beautiful life. 

It grants her a sense of purpose and direction and compels her to follow her own path, 

unswayed by external pressures. 

Time cannot rush her, nor can it hold her back. 

When she is ready, 

she bursts forth and blooms into the person she is meant to be 

and follows the purpose she is meant to pursue.

Everlee lives a life free of guilt and shame 

and understands that her authenticity and personal expansion inspire others to do the same. 

Everlee is, after all,  a Girl of Gumption, 

and thus, she joyfully gives herself permission to be who she truly is 

and fearlessly pursues her heart's desires with a determined spirit.

Here are Everlee's beautiful words of wisdom for you:

Within the depths of your being lies a wild and untamed soul,

resonating with the echoes of ancient wisdom.

Embrace this untamed essence,

for it is the source of your strength and inner knowing.

Embrace these earthly roots,

grounded in the wisdom of the ages,

and let your untamed spirit guide you towards your own liberation.

May you find solace in the untamed beauty within,

and may your journey be one of

self-discovery, empowerment, and unapologetic authenticity.

Indeed, my dear Everlee, indeed.

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