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Humble, Compassionate, and Kind

Here she is, one of the most gentle and lovely of the Girls of Gumption,

Carysse: Humble, Compassionate, and Kind.

Carysse does not know how beautiful she is.

She spends her days loving and caring for others

without any doubt or worry or preamble whatsoever.

She lends her heart, her time, or her hand anywhere they are needed. 

It's not a goal she sets or something she aspires to be. She doesn't do it for prestige, or to belong, or because she's hoping to be rewarded. She does these kind and thoughtful things because

it's simply who she is.

Her sense of beauty and self-esteem come from deep within her soul heart space.

She weaves and leaves magical spells of love and compassion wherever she goes and with whomever she talks to... through her divine connection to the heart of all that is.

She's just a perfectly lovely human caring for other humans because she knows innately and intuitively that 


She embraces everyone on equal footing and cares about them unconditionally,

no matter what errors have been made, without judgement or condescension. 

It does not even occur to her to question whether someone deserves her kindness and compassion.

She innately knows they do.

To her, everyone is worthy and everyone matters. Undeniably.

Carysse's eyes are the crystal blue of a cold glacial lake, but they hold and reflect the warmth of her profoundly beautiful soul. They also have a reflective quality that reflects the light of another's soul back on to them, illuminating them in their own self-love,

as well the love she offers them.

The gentle waves of her golden blonde hair cascade softly around her face framing the heart on her cheek bone and further accentuating the humility of her soul. She has a bottle of kindness ready to pour on anyone who needs a helping heart and hand,

and she is accompanied by a pansy, a symbol of compassion and love.

Quite simply, she is a beautiful soul.

A message from Carysse just for you

Carysse wants you to know that no matter what you are facing in life,

whether it's a stressful situation at work, a fight with your significant other,

or problems with weight gain,

Love is always the answer.

Caring about others and showing kindness

even when stressed, or angry and frustrated,

always leads you to the best results.

You must engage in kindness coupled with humility

just ‘like the vine which has produced grapes

and looks for nothing else once it has borne its own fruit.'”

~ Jonas Salzgeber

Carysse says that if you do everything from a place of love,

and ensure that your intention is always to be kind,

then the light you shine on others will also shine on you

and you will gather love around you

like bees gather around honey.

So go out there and love others with everything you've got.


I cannot think of a more beautiful way to live than that.

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