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Take Wing and Soar

Azura, with her bold hues of blue, green, and purple, and feathery bird companions,

evokes feelings within us of vitality, renewal, inner magic, strength,

and the freedom of new perspectives.

She is accompanied by a precious peacock feather...

precious in that it carries with it so much more than beauty.

The power of its presence for Azura is that a peacock feather cannot actually sustain flight.

It does not have the strength and ability to fly high in the sky.

It represents the challenges and burdens that have kept her trapped in one place,

strapped to the ground,

and mired in the shackles of unsurety.

We mustn't forget, however, that Azura is a Girl of Gumption, which means,

without a doubt, that she has the strength and power to move beyond the weight of her heavy trappings.

She dares to go deep within herself to embrace her inner magic

and listen carefully to its wisdom.

She accepts that there are things that cannot be changed,

that cannot be undone, and that cannot be convinced to reform.

She trusts that in order to find her best self and her best life,

she must break away from the burdens, shed the shackles,

and untether the trappings that keep her from growing and expanding

beyond her usual predictable patterns.

And so,

she uncovers the gumption to do the unpredictable.

She lifts her eyes up to the sky,

mirrors the song of the bluebirds with the song in her heart,

and dares....

...Dares to take that leap of faith

that sends her soaring to the heavens towards her greater purpose,

to see her world from a new perspective,

to claim her newfound freedom,

and to write her name amongst the stars.

Azura's message to you is that

yes, you CAN rise above whatever is holding you down.

You can change just ONE thing,

do one thing DIFFERENTLY than what you would normally do.

And this one change will lift you up just enough for you to get a better view of things,

a new perspective

which will, in turn,

give you what is needed to step off the ledge

so you can fly into

the most authentic, exhilarating life you are meant to live!

"There is freedom waiting for you

on the breezes of the sky,

and you ask,

What if I fall?

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?"

-Erin Hanson


Azura replies.


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