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Meet Crystal: Sparkly, Cheerful, and Carefree

A Special Holiday Girl of Gumption
Crystal: Sparkly, Cheerful, and Carefree

Surrounded by sparkly white snowflakes and gentle hues of blue,

Crystal Sparkly, Cheerful, and Carefree,

draws us in with her twinkly eyes and pleasant softness of expression.

This twinkle and softly discernible cheerfulness has its roots from within.

She shimmers with light because she has sparkle in her soul.

And this sparkle is mirrored by the sparkly crystalline landscape behind her;

the crystal clear beauty of a magical winter wonderland.

Crystal: Sparkly, Cheerful, and carefree Accept Change as Inevitable

She feels peaceful and settled here amongst the snowflakes

because they remind her that change is the natural order of things;

that everything is temporary and unfolds as it should.

A snowflake is a beautiful thing whose beauty is unique and wondrous on its own.

It then joins the collective of snowflakes, releasing its individuality,

so that together with many other snowflakes, it can create a beautiful winter landscape.

Eventually, even this beauty disappears, and the snowflakes melt into water

allowing the joys of spring to come forth.

Crystal loves the lesson carried within a snowflake; the lesson of control versus allowing.

She knows it is impossible to control the beauty of the snowflake.

She cannot capture it and put it into a jar.

She cannot hold it in her hand and stop it from changing.

She knows that trying to control it is a futile endeavour.

She must release the desire to control it and allow it to be what it is...

surrendering to the natural unfolding of its various transformations

and accepting and enjoying what each transformation has to offer in the moment.

Crystal: Sparkly, Cheerful, and Carefree

Loves The Lesson of the Snowflake

The lesson of the snowflake is this...

That it is impossible to control anyone or anything outside of your own self.

Crystal knows she has no control to make anyone or anything

do things that are not in their nature or that they do not want to do.

She knows that trying to control and change others

will only develop some very unpleasant side effects within herself.

These unpleasant side effects include, but are not limited to, things such as

anxiety, depression, frustration, disappointment, indigestion, and interrupted sleep patterns.

And all of these things cause lower states of energy,

and definitely dull her sparkle.

And Crystal does NOT want to dull her sparkle.

She wants to surrender to her sparkle.

Because she knows that by releasing the cage of control,

she can live a cheerful carefree life,

And she wants YOU to do it, too.

She wants you to experience the carefree feeling of allowing things to be just as they are.

And so, Crystal's message for you is this:

Understand that change and uncertainty are integral parts of life

and the beauty of a moment is a fleeting yet valuable joy to cherish... NOT to control.

So learn to practise the graceful art of accepting and allowing...

and you will be able to walk carefree through your life

cheerfully watching the beauty that happens when you release control and

allow things to unfold naturally as they were meant to be.

So, dear sister,


as the magic happens around you,

and you begin to SPARKLE like only you,

in all your CAREFREE GLORY, can.




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